The BUILDING VIBRANT COMMUNITIES conference was a great success. But we are not done yet. 

Before we look ahead, let us review.

The conference started with prayers and music. Then...

BAHA'U'LLAH'S VISION FOR HUMANITY discussing the purpose of humanity and creation with focus on the raising of vibrant communities that are contributing to spiritual and material progress. And most importantly is what Bahá’ís and those labouring alongside them are doing. That was followed by...

The DISTANCE TRAVERSED, reflecting on the endeavors of the Baha'i community and their collaborators over the last one hundred years. Highlighted with the viewing of a film called Glimpses of a Hundred Years of Endeavour. 

Day one ended with a look at BUILDING VIBRANT COMMUNITIES, combining worship and service to contribute to the wellbeing of every individual.

Along the way enjoying time with each other with prayer, song and the exhilaration of working together on something meaningful and for the betterment of our communities.

Day two started with PROMOTING EDUCATIONAL ENDEAVORS and building capacity for service and contributing to the spiritual transformation of our communities. Followed by viewing the film "Exemplar" 

The last topic, CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION helped conference goers take the vision set at the start of the conference and create goals and to solidify lines of action as we return to our daily lives. All that is left is to apply the necessary time and energy and to work day by day, step by step to become the protagonist of change. Time to take charge of our spiritual progress for the betterment of the world.  

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